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 OK gang, I've been kicking this around for a awhile. When I was a newbie V8
owner, one of you frequent posters were kind enough to offer up a paper copy
of the factory manual and the family album on CD.   I have kept the manual
in binders, making copies of the pages I was using so not to destroy and get
all grease covered.   
I will be willing to contact a local printer and get a quotation on making
additional copies.  I paid $100 for the copy I purchased 3 years ago, I
believe that was cost for only one or two copies made at that time,  it is
double sided, color dividers, 3 hole punch, fills two 3 inch binders, etc.

Many of you have contributed priceless information that has allowed me to
own and maintain this great car with out going broke, so I will be willing
to do this for the list.  Please respond to me off line if you are
interested.  I will wait a couple weeks to see how many potential copies we
need, as I'm sure this will reduce cost per copy. 


90 V8Q 145K Pearl, gray sports, almost ready for my 2nd timing belt, new
heater core, struts, some paint,..........new wheels would be

PS: anyone every find an Audi factory floor mat that fits in the front of
this car??

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>Hi everyone! Im happy to be a new owner of a 1990 V8 Quattro.
>Nonetheless the car didnt come with a manual, and i have no idea how to 
>adjust or work certain things with this car...I have been an Acura 
>person up until now!
>Any help would be highly appreciated.
>Thanks so much,

There's rumored to be a CD copy or the original paper manual (which is
expensive and unobtanium) floating around out there - I paid an un-named
source about $5.00 for a copy. Not as convenient as the paper manual, but
FAR less expensive and easier to come by.

Ask around - you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Also see if you can find a copy of the "family album", another rumored
source of invaluable information - you don't even need the latest edition
since your car (like mine) is a 1990.

And welcome to V8 ownership - when it is running right (which, surprisingly
enough, it seems to do fairly often), you'll forgive it ALL its sins - after
a couple of weeks of driving the V8, take a ride in the Acura again - it
will frighten you.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
(Audi V8 . . . it isn't just a car, it's an ADVENTURE!)  

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