[V8] heat and smell source?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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The heat source os probably around the steering boot, or something else 
around the area that they may have messed with (nothing else I can think of, 
but...). This would just be heat from the engine, which is no great concern 
(as far as fire). However, the other problem of the smell of oil could be 
something severe. Probably pentosin, but maybe something else. I always 
check in the area worked on, even if I did the work myself. One area to 
check is the fittings on the rack. They should have o-rings on them. One 
might have been dropped, as this is easy to do. You didn't mention of you 
are loosing oil or pentosin. I'll say this, I'm currently working on a V8 
that caught fire because of leaky Valve cover gaskets/distributor gaskets. 
It's not pretty, and I'd be upset if it were mine.

Good luck,
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> Well, here's one for ya.  After having my rack and pump rebuilt/replaced, 
> I now have some new problems.  I have a tremendous heat source coming from 
> the firewall - feels like walking into a hot breeze - while driving.  This 
> only occurs after several minutes at speed, and it never goes away. 
> Opening the windows or running the A/C obviously is a temp solution.  I 
> know that I dumped a lot of pentosin on the tranny/exhaust, but shouldn't 
> it have all been burnt off by now?
> Secondly, since I had to run my car on four cylinders, I think my O2 
> sensor is toast.  My gas mileage is steadily decreasing, so I'll do the 
> four wire one soon.  However, when I increase speed (downshift usually 
> necessary), I get a whiff of gas/oil, like it's a mixture of the two.  It 
> usually is a pretty constant smell until I cease my acceleration.  I don't 
> smell it when accelerating around town, just at cruising speeds.
> Please, all ideas are welcome.  I will have a lot of time to try them out.
> Joel
> '90 V8q
> '86 5kcstq
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