[V8] Newbie with Transmission woes need input from the pros

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Thu Oct 28 18:57:03 EDT 2004

Shudder can be a few things.  I would check the rear lat links for
wear/looseness first, rear shocks as well...
You may also have a bad center support bearing.

IME trans either works, slips or goes into limp-home mode.

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> Dear Sirs:
> I have a 1990 V8 that has developed what I believe is a transmission
>  What is happening is this.  Under moderate to heavy acceleration there is
> shuddering of the car while it is in low gear.  I almost want to describe
> as a slipping sensation but I don't feel any loss of acceleration.  If you
> off with a very light foot you do not feel it.
> There are 50,000 miles on a new transmission, the ATF level is fine and it
> does not have any odor to it.
> What are the commonly known issues with the Automatic transmission in
> cars?  I am constructing a test light to pull the codes.  I guess I like
> hear what the most common aliments that people experience with the
> Tom
> 1990 V8
> 1986 VW synchro with 300K+
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