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Regarding V8 Mechanics here in the Puget Sound area Autohaus Vick is pretty
good.  I found an independent mechanic, Leif Johnson of Autowerks NW in
Woodinville, WA he happens to drive a 91 5spd with over 200k on it's clock
as his daily driver.  He's very fare and has plenty of Audi experience.  If
anybody needs a phone number drop me a line
1990 V8Q Lago Blue 191K

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	I feel your pain.  I had similar issues having the automatic
transmission rebuilt on my 1990 to the tune of $4k.  I felt like I got bent
over and the work performed wasn't of the caliber to match the $$.

	Dino recommends www.autohausvick.com in Bellevue for V8 work, which
may be a bit north of AVS, but perhaps worth the drive for your next major
repair... (knock on burled walnut)

	Thanks for the warning about shops that don't stand behind their


	- Jeremy in Portland - last few days of V8 Chip group buy...

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