[V8] Airbag light

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Fri Oct 29 11:47:24 EDT 2004

The interface for the airbag is located behind the radio cavity.  IIRC,
the connector is wrapped in grey foam and is a 2 wire connection
(similar to the ones under the passenger floor mat.  My light has been
on for some time (after a battery disconnect) and I haven't had it reset
yet.  I understand it is as easy as hooking up the ProDiag or ShadeTree
tool to the connector and resetting it with the software.


- Jeremy

BTW, airbag will not deploy if the light is on, so no crazy driving!

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After some recent under-dash/instrument panel work on my 93 V8
a new flaw showed up. The airbag light has come on and stayed on.
My Audi tech said he did not know the codes to shut it off so I thought 
I would ask the listers to help us. How can I shut this off per audi
The car is about to be sold to a lister from Virginia
and I wanted it to be right when he picked it up.

Ralph L. Cook 
1993 V8Q
2001 A6 4.2
Next week 2004 Toyota 4-Runner Ltd.

Too many bad Audi experiences

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