[V8] Scams, Slams, and other misgivings.....

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
Fri Oct 29 20:05:00 EDT 2004

I am the owner of a 1990 V8, 186k miles. Runs awesome, but every now and
the it wakes up in Limp mode. (I guess that happens to all of us as we
get older....) Anyway, a simple restart ALWAYS fixes it. Not so simple
for us....
Next, I believe that AUDI was way ahead in 1990. My car has GOT TO have
a wireless internet connection in it somewhere, because that is THE ONLY
WAY it could possibly be reading these posts. Doesn't it seem that
whenever a "new" issue shows up on the list, suddenly many of our cars
have the same problem.
The point is that the V8 has it's own sense on humor.
If you are the owner of a high-end, old, powerful, fun to drive, premium
luxury sports sedan, and you are reading this list, because you "think
you can fix it yourself", then you'd better have a sense of humor, of
the beast will send you to an early grave. 
Don't harp on a little humor.
Just my .02 1/2 cents worth.
(BTW there's 22 posts regarding the stupid electric turbo, in about a
week... I just archived 12,152 (V8 only) posts for 1150 days (less 6
months when my wife was in the hospital..) that's and average of 10.56
per day. I would hope that a little humor in all those is OK.)

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