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ohhh that notorious sunken bolt was almost the death of me when I
did mine. I ended up taking a cold chisel to it to get it out! 
Good luck, follow the manual, take your time and you'll be fine.
The cam holding tools are a big help but as stated by Ken (thanks
again for the Crank tool drawing!) if you are careful enough you
can get by without them.


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> > The manual IS the tried and true procedure.
> > I found the manual to be very complete and easy to follow.
> > Follow it to the letter and you will do just fine. There are
> > no shortcuts.
> >
> The manual provides a good recipe--but there are shortcuts.
> If you assume
> that the timing was right before you take off the belt, make a
> couple timing
> reference marks on the cases for the cams, and are VERY
> careful when
> reinstalling/tensioning the belt, there is no need for cam
> locks, crank
> locks, replacement rotors, etc.  I did it this way when I did
> my TB 40K
> ago--needed no special tools other than an easily made crank
> pulley holder.
> YMMV, but my TB change was trouble free (other than that
> cantankerous
> 12mm-headed sunken bolt on the lower part of the rt side TB
> cover!).
> Ken
> 91V8Q
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