[V8] Suspension questions

Intemann, Paul (GE Trans) Paul.Intemann at ae.ge.com
Sun Oct 31 11:59:36 EST 2004

OK fellow listers,

here's a how-to question for all of you that have performed an H&R/Bilstein
suspension upgrade on your V8's.  Got my "kit" from ECS on Friday and am
puzzling about a couple of things. First ... the stock springs are
non-progressive (equally spaced windings) while the H&R's windings get
tighter towards one end.  The literature included with the springs sheds
absolutely no light as to "which end goes up/down" during installation.
This may seem like a no-brainer to most/some of you but since this is a
first time procedure for me I don't want to have to end up doing it twice!!
Second ... the Bilstein Sports come with a fastening nut which keeps the
cartridge in-place inside the strut tower.  The instructions specify a ~90
ft-lb torque for this nut using the "specialty" wrench ... needless to say
no specialty wrench was included in my shipment.  Looking at the cut-outs in
the nut the wrench is probably no more than a C-wrench but obviously the
diameter of this wrench is of some importance.  Anybody else run into this
during installation ... or were you lucky enough to have received this
wrench as part of the Bilstein shock package?  Any help would be greatly

Happy Halloween!!!

Cincinnati, Ohio

'90 V8 auto
'91 V8 5-speed

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