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I just purchased the 3199 (Cam Holders) and I have the Sprocket holder already.  I was planning on welding up the Crank holder from pics from Baum Tools. Ken can you send me this pic of the crank holding tool you made? (Does it differ from Baum tools?) I have a bug enough breaker bar for the Crank bolt. My torque wrench will do 250 Ft/#s. I can afford to have the car down for an extended peroid of time, so making tools an option. I'm sure that I can fashoin something to adjust the tension.
I'll be tackling thin around Thanksgiving to Christmas time frame.  I like to plan ahead.
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ohhh that notorious sunken bolt was almost the death of me when I
did mine. I ended up taking a cold chisel to it to get it out! 
Good luck, follow the manual, take your time and you'll be fine.
The cam holding tools are a big help but as stated by Ken (thanks
again for the Crank tool drawing!) if you are careful enough you
can get by without them.


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> >
> > The manual IS the tried and true procedure.
> > I found the manual to be very complete and easy to follow.
> > Follow it to the letter and you will do just fine. There are
> > no shortcuts.
> >
> The manual provides a good recipe--but there are shortcuts.
> If you assume
> that the timing was right before you take off the belt, make a
> couple timing
> reference marks on the cases for the cams, and are VERY
> careful when
> reinstalling/tensioning the belt, there is no need for cam
> locks, crank
> locks, replacement rotors, etc.  I did it this way when I did
> my TB 40K
> ago--needed no special tools other than an easily made crank
> pulley holder.
> YMMV, but my TB change was trouble free (other than that
> cantankerous
> 12mm-headed sunken bolt on the lower part of the rt side TB
> cover!).
> Ken
> 91V8Q

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