[V8] Co-starring V8Q

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Tue Sep 7 15:33:34 EDT 2004

There's one show on TV that I particularly enjoy called "Monk" on USA
Network ... my daughter was telling me that there was an Audi in one
particular episode ... I had not had a chance to see it ... until yesterday.
They had a "marathon" where they showed a few recent episodes in series.
When the show in particular came on she told me that this was the one with
the Audi ... and when I saw it at first I thought they had a 92-vintage 100
... but on closer inspection I realized it was a 1990 V8!  As you might
imagine, the choice of a nice looking old car meant that it didn't make it
to the end of the show, but it did get a good bit of air time in the
episode.  Basically the bad guy killed off someone who was going to turn him
in by cutting the car's brake lines, which of course the ill fated victim
did not realize until she was driving down a winding road in the hills ...
;-)  All in all there were several shots of the car from front and rear ...
and of course the rolling down the hill part was shown several times.  I
noticed that when Monk was combing the area for clues, the parts he was
nudging around were not Audi parts ... all in all made a good show a bit
more interesting.  I was joking with my wife this morning wondering if I
could get some parts from that special car ... 

For some reason while I was thinking about this I remembered that when I had
#2 in to get smogged a week or two ago, the guy in line behind me waiting to
get his Honda smogged made a point to tell me that he liked my car.  He told
me he's looking to get an A4 ... and was a little surprised to hear that my
car was a '91 model.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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