[V8] Drivers Key turns uselessly

urq urq at pacbell.net
Fri Apr 1 03:34:40 EST 2005

... very much so ...

The thing is that it sounds like the electrical part of the mechanism is 
still working.  Given that to be true I'm surprised that the pneumatic 
lock/unlock isn't doing the job of getting the doors unlocked.  I didn't 
even know that the mechanical connection on #344 was broken when I bought 
the car ... I'd just hold the key to the unlock position and the door would 
unlock when the pump kicked in.  At the present time the passenger's door on 
#2 is working in this mode ...

As others have reported, it sounds like the pot metal part of the linkage 
may have broken ... although it is a bit surporising to me that it would 
take this long to finally have fractured ... if you're lucky it may be that 
you've already got the stamped piece in place, it is that the linkage has 
popped out of place ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Last night I went to lock the car and the key turned but had no effect - 
> actually that's not quite true, It had no mechanical effect on the lock 
> knobs but it did set the alarm. Ditto with unlocking.
> So now I have to make a trip around to the passenger door to get in.
> I remember that on the 5000 the door handle would always break but I don't 
> remember the key not working.
> Anyone familiar with this?

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