[V8] v8 sighting (for sale)

John Bysinger john at bysinger.net
Sun Apr 3 23:52:31 EDT 2005

91 v8q sighting....

Saw a fairly clean looking (as best as I can tell through the chain link
fence) pearl 91 for sale in Issaquah, WA today.  Aside from a very oddly
mounted cell antenna base right in front of the sunroof it looked 100%
stock.  I think this place does consignment sales, this a car from a lister?

http://www.eastlakeautosales.net/  is the place selling it, but it's not
listed, and I couldn't see a price on the car.

Side note on my v8q, after a year of nursing the heater motor and it
completely giving up the ghost, I gave in and bought a new motor for it (got
a brand new bosch on ebay for $80ish, not bad) and plan on replacing it
soon.  If only the rain here in WA stops long enough to, I don't have enough
room in the garage for that kind of work.  I'll let you all know how it goes
once I get there!

Also, on the stuck oil filter woes lately, been there, done that, on a van I
inherited from my grandpa seriously in need of servicing, nothing moved it,
I ended up getting out the air nibbler, cutting the whole housing off, and
removing it from the inside out...  what a pain.  My bet was the same as
some said here, no oil on the filter gasket.  (oil it, hand tight + quarter
turn, has always worked perfect for me.)


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