[V8] V8/Quattro for sale

kevin kyzar readytow at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 4 14:48:47 EDT 2005

Does anyone out there have enough knowledge to give me an idea about what this vehicle is worth to sell?  It is the 1990 model, I have the mechanicals working except for a slight problem with the A.B.S..  The regular brakes are fine, but the abs is stuck off.  Am trying to figure that one out.  130,xxx miles.  Does run out nicely.  Needs the headliner redone, the pass front head light housing is broke on the hi beam side, and some various little dings here and there.  I have gotten offers all over the board on it, and really don't have enough knowledge to know what is a good price for it.  Thanks for the help.

kevin kyzar
readytow at earthlink.net
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