[V8] The Spiritual Successor...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Mon Apr 11 02:40:46 EDT 2005

Yes, it will be difficult.  I've got to say that some of the recent 
improvements have me thinking about taking a test drive ... one of the guys 
in my group has been getting the hots for Audi and he's been bringing in the 
rags and the sales literature.  With direct injection the CRs are over 12:1 
now ... and soon Audi's quattro will have something other than a 50:50 
static torque split ... hmmm ...

We also took a 4.2 equipped S4 out for a spin ... it was good fun, but I 
don't know that I got the aural experience I love the V8 for ...

To that point ... I drove up to Grant Ranch with my daughter last night for 
a "Star party" ... a monthly astronomical event.  As you might expect it is 
very dark there and one normally drives up with parking lights.  I was 
meeting a friend who owns an A6 2.7T there ... after we got to the place 
where he was set up he said he would have come out to meet us but he thought 
I was driving a Camaro or the like ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

>I don't know about the rest of you, but letting go of my V8 has been the 
>hardest task because I just haven't felt there is a worthy successor.... 

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