[V8] Leaking Red Fluid UH-OH

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Forget all that.....check you hydralic resivour to see what color the fluid 
is. It should be  green, but may be red if someone put trany fluid in it 
prior to you owning it.. If it it is trany fluid in there, then the cost of 
the repair may be as high as $2k as the system will need a therough flush 
and possible pump prior to the new rack being installed.
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> I have been a lurker for months because the beast has been running great.
> No problems.
> Now I see many drops of a red fluid, which I would call Automatic 
> Transmission fluid, on my garage floor.
> I took the car today to a repair shop, one which has repaired the car in 
> the past, and the owner told me it was the power steering rack.
> That just didn't sit right with me.
> SO, the question for this group is, what is the color and look/feel of the 
> fluid in the beloved rack system?
> Pentosin Green or Auto trans red?
> I crawled under the car, and the red stuff is leaking from the drivers 
> side, high up on the engine, near the fill tube, now leaking onto the 
> bushings and related hardware on the drivers side.
> Shop wanted to replace the rack.  $2000.  I have the car back in the 
> garage.
> Only other symptom, was, that I measured the level of the auto trans fluid 
> while the engine was running, in park.  It was low, and I refilled.  I 
> will check that again tomorrow.
> Is this fluid Rack related or Auto Trans related?
> Thanks,
> Scott Olson
> 1990 V8
> 130k
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