[V8] Fault code 2341

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Thu Apr 14 22:58:40 EDT 2005

Hey guys, an excellent V8 resource. Very much appreciated when you're on the 
other side of the world (Australia) where there are VERY few V8s!

My 1990 3.6 auto has pretty high fuel consumption (about 12mpg around town), 
has smoky exhaust haze (a grey colour, does not smell like oil, seems a pretty 
consistant volume from idle to redline) most noticable when the engine is warm 
(though noticed a black pool of moisture on the ground under exhaust when idled 
cold)and occasional slight hestitation accelerating off-idle.

Thanks to this site, made a test light, pulled the 2341 code. So it could be 
several things, but how can you individually test the FPR and 02 sensor? (one 
of these is the most likely culprit, I reckon).

Compression test done recently, all at 190-200psi, fuel filter replaced 
6mths/3000miles ago by previous owner. Fuel pump is noisy, will check filter 
screen but over rather than underfuelling seems to be the problem.

Okay, my plan was check connections to 02 sensor and FPR, but are there set 
values you can check with a mulimeter to see if the component is functioning 

I have a Bentley for my 1992 Passat GL16v, which I have been using for the V8 
as a diagnostic (systems are similar) but obviously it has limitations. Anyone 
know of a GOOD manual for the V8?



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