[V8] Fault code 2341

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Fri Apr 15 09:08:20 EDT 2005

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john at bysinger.net writes:

> I'm not sure on the V8 02
> sensor how many leads there are, but there's usually either 2 or 4 leads to
> them.  In my experience you want to pay attention the the grey and black
> leads if there's more than 2, connect them up to a volt/ohm meter set to DC
> volts.  Just sitting there it should read out a nice zero.  Set the o2
> sensor in a bench vise or some other sturdy mounting, and heat up the sensor
> until it's glowing like a cherry with a propane torch or similar (you won't
> hurt it, it's used to these temps) and check the voltage again.  The flames
> of the torch should be using up all the oxygen around the sensor and the
> volt/ohm meter should read just shy of 1 volt.  If you're not getting that
> much voltage, or no reading at all, check the leads and try again, if it's
> still low or no voltage, time for a new 02 sensor.

 V8's use 3 wire sensors....2 white for the heater circuit, a single black 
for signal. I suggest upgrading to a 4 wire sensor using BOSCH ONLY!!!!, 
preferably one with the same 3 slot tip as the stock V8 sensor.

 The details of testing an O2 sensor is "nice to know" info, great classroom 
material.... but considering they should be changed every 60k miles, are not 
that expensive, and can be a B*tch to remove.....why on earth would you bother 
testing one and then reinstalling afterwards?

 As I stated...let the car test it....unplug the black signal wire. If the 
sensor is the issue the problem goes away....if the FPR is at fault it will keep 
running rich.

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