[V8] Interesting 1993 V8 FS

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Apr 20 06:35:52 EDT 2005

Ok, ok, ok, ok.

I SAID that I was finished with V8's.  Now that Unka Bart has created the
ultimate gentleman's time/distance module out of my last one, I find I still
want to feel the surge of that V8 power.  No, not want, THIRST, is the
operative term.  

So, I'm sorta on the hunt.  Turns out that 1993 V8's are scarcer than
scarce, and 1994's seem to be non-existent.  But I am a persistent fellow,
and sooner of later, I will prevail.  

Now, right at this very minute, there is an interesting V8 for sale at a
used car dealer on Cape Cod.  It is a 1993 V8, with under 120k on the clock.
According to the seller, it is a two owner car, and the first owner serviced
the car exclusively at Hyannis Porsche Audi, and the books are present and
appropriately stamped.  

Unfortunately, the second owner was not so religious in the servicing, and
the second timing belt change that should have been done by now, isn't
documented, at least as of this morning.  The seller is unaware that Audi's
interval for timing belt change was reduced to 60,000 miles, which makes
this car either waaaay overdue, or just due for the whole shebang.  I did
tell him this just so that he would know.

The opening bid on this car on eBay was $5,000.  I am interested in it, and
will watch the auction process, which has another day or so to run.  The car
is white pearl with tan interior which doesn't warm me up much, and the life
in eastern Massachusetts on and around Cape Cod doesn't thrill me either,
due to salt corrosion from the ocean as well as the roads, but it still
looks to be clean.

Then there is a dark green one in Pennsylvania that has low miles and for
which the owner wants ALL the money....I won't threaten to buy that one,
because I really want a black interior next time....


P.S.  Oh, yes.  The car in Hyannis is listed under the A8's on eBay should
anyone out there be interested.  

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