[V8] Trunk Wiring Harness

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Fri Apr 22 14:39:49 EDT 2005

Almost all the wiring for the rear of an Audi Type 44 or variants (5K, 200,
V8) runs through the driver side rear fender area.  Things like tail and
stop go from the driver side to the passenger side.   Most of the stuff on
the trunk enters the trunk through the hinge on the driver side.

At 02:28 PM 4/22/2005 -0400, Speakoutprod at aol.com wrote:
>I was rear-ended several months ago.  I was hit at a 45-degree angle in the 
>left rear corner where the rear left tail lights are.  The trunk lid was not 
>damaged.  The body shop replaced the left rear quarter panel, etc.  The
>was covered by the other party's insurance.    
>After I got the car home (at least one month later!!) I noticed that when I 
>had the trunk lid open (driving home with an oversized board sticking out of 
>the trunk) the red "Door Open" light on the instrument panel was illuminated 
>also the interior lights were illuminated (I have them switched to turn on 
>whenever one of the four car doors is opened).
>I asked the Audi V8 group several weeks ago if this was normal and I received 
>two replies saying "no -- the open trunk lid should not have this effect."
>I am asking the body shop/insurance company to fix this, but they are 
>requiring me to get an official Audi repair place to certify that the damage 
>to the 
>rear left part of the car would cause this to happen.  The body shop (a
>dealership) says that the wiring harness for this is on the RIGHT side of the 
>trunk and that the damage wouldn't have caused this.  My local Audi mechanic 
>told me it's on the LEFT side of the trunk.
>If I take it to the Audi dealer and have them take a look, it's 50 bucks -- 
>which I will be reimbursed if it is indeed on the left side.  If not, I'm out 
>50 bucks.
>My questions to the group are as follows:
>1) Does the wiring for the rear of the car (and particular the wiring to and 
>from the "Trunk Open" microswitch located next to the trunk latch in the
>lid) run alongside the left rear quarter panel?
>2) Could a hit to the left rear area of the car cause the change to the light 
>behavior as described above?
>3) Is killing an insurance adjuster classified as a crime?
>Brad Hartman 
>1990 V8
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