[V8] wiper arm issues

philip lord pdlord at talent.com.au
Sun Apr 24 20:54:15 EDT 2005

This one has got me beat. I spent 3 hours on this yesterday, still 
couldn't find what is wrong.

 The problem is that pass side arm rubs against the bonnet when 
opened/closed. I see from the wear on both the arm and bonnet that this 
has been happening for some time. Also the receipts from the previous 
owner, a recent 'adjust bonnet' item from his mechanic and spanner marks 
on the painted bolts suggest an attempt has been made to fix it.

So I bought a new pass side wiper shaft and pulled the plenum chamber 
cover off, to see that the wiper shaft was not worn at all. In fact, I 
can't see anything wrong with the whole assy except that when you put it 
all back together, the arm rubs. Passenger side only, just on the pivot 
point where the arm lifts off the screen. There is some adjustment where 
the wiper assy bolts onto the nylon bushing (which is clipped in to a 
metal tang, which is welded in under the screen), but I adjusted it every 
which way and it made little difference. Even tried bending slightly the 
assembly on the pass side to help it clear the bonnet. No luck.

As you may know, this is a RHD V8, but I would imagine the principle 
would be that same, just mirror image for LHD.

Anyone had this problem? Only thing I can think of is to try adjusting 
the bonnet, but it already sits slightly proud of the pass side guard, 
probably as a result of being adjusted before. 

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