[V8] surviving V8s

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That figure is world wide.  US sales figures were slightly under 4,000 :-) 

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Wow!  21,565 V8s from 86-94!
I thought the US importation figure was only 4000 or so?
Someone posted it once upon a time...
A registry would be nice - what you really need is a dealer that can pull the data on service records for them by VIN... excluding the whole invasion of privacy thing ;) 
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Here are the total production numbers that Audi HQ gave me:
"From December 1986 to March 1994 Audi produced 21.565 V8. 
Thereof we produced 271 V8 long-versions in the time of May 1990 to March 1994."

Not sure about the surviving US figures, but I found this tidbit regarding 
licensing from René on the AudiV8 website:
Zulassungszahlen (Stand 01.01.2004) 

3.6 (Typ 431) = 3 348
4.2 (Typ 522) = 1 776 

Zulassungszahlen (Stand 01.01.2003) 

3.6 (Typ 431) = 3 126
4.2 (Typ 522) = 1 860

Zulassungszahlen (Stand 01.01.2002) 

3.6 (Typ 431) = 3 398
4.2 (Typ 522) = 1 980

Zulassungszahlen (Stand 01.01.2001) 

3.6 (Typ 431) = 3 625
4.2 (Typ 522) = 2 083

Looks like fewer and fewer V8's are being licensed through TÜV each year.  I see 
them being chopped apart on Ebay.de all the time. :-(

I was talking with the V8 guys at the Neckarsulm gathering in February, and they 
said that in order to license their cars in Germany, they must comply with the 
Euro2 standards now.  Perhaps this is why the number went down in 2003, and then 
back up in 2004 as they were retrofitting their cars to meet the new standard.

Anyone out there know how we can get similar US / Canada / UK / Australia 
licensing figures?

I have been toying with creating a V8 registry database similar to Bill's URQ 
registry, but lack the time and talent.  ;-)  Anyone want to take this on?  If 
so, email me offline so I can share my thoughts on this project.


- Jeremy 

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I'm curious, given the volume of parts cars at AudiConnection and others... just 
how many of these cars are even still on the road?
You'd think from eBay that there a zillion of them ;)
Given the total production of about 4000 units... I've a factless guess that 
half are off the road.  Just curious if anyone has ever tried to figure that 
90 V8
on the road... more or less ;)
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