[V8] Real world V8 mpg

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 28 00:34:25 EDT 2005

I also have seen as high as 27MPG (my calc) at a steady 78 MPH across AZ. 
The Audi V8 seems to be different from most other cars in that respect.

Tony Hoffman

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> FWIW..... My old 1990 slushbox (chipped and custom exhaust) got its best
> mileage above 75 mph....by my calculations there was a sharp increase in 
> mileage
> somewhere between 75 and 80. My theory is the lil 3.6 was really getting 
> deep
> into its torque band (best effiecency range) around there somewhere. I
> observed mileage as high as 28mpg, hand calculated.

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