[V8] Regular gas and the V8

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I've done it many many times on the V8 - not quite as strong of a performance, but the car ran fine

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  This has probably been beat to death in past postings, but with the current 
  price delta between regular and premium gas as high as it is, it's tempting to 
  make the switch to regular gas.  I know that most members of the V8 list are 
  really big into performance, but is there any real compelling reason not to 
  fill up with regular and see what happens?  I heard this news story the other 
  morning on CNN about how most people can't tell the difference and also that it 
  CAN'T hurt the car.

  We all stand to save a lot of money doing this.  Anyone BTDT?


  Brad Hartman
  1990 V8
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