[V8] Regular Gas/Hi Temp Warning

Stafford, Kenneth A. stafford at WPI.EDU
Tue Aug 9 16:23:15 EDT 2005


In the 100000 miles I've put on my '91, all but 2 tanks have been with
regular grade gas.  The joys of this car IMO are its effortless high speed
cruising and fantastic winter performance--neither of which seem to be
effected by 87 octane.  No doubt that the low end grunt is better with hi
test, but doesn't seem to effect the real 65-90 rush.  I've experienced no
drivability or pinging issues.

On a NOT related topic...my car has picked up a new habit in the last couple
of months.  When doing the aforementioned double-kickdown 65-90 WOT maneuver,
I have started getting a pop-up overheat indication in the central display.
It comes on right about when the engine is reaching 6500 in second gear and
then stays on for a minute or two after going back to normal driving.  The
water temp gage reads normal (~90 degrees) as do all other indications.  I
thought that it might be a momentary low-fluid indication caused by the
acceleration, but have topped up the expansion tank and it still happens (I
think).  Any BTDT?  The car has no fluid losses and seems to run well.

91V8Q 210,000  

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