[V8] V8 Timing Belt completion

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 11 00:27:39 EDT 2005

This is for the archives, and anyone interested in doing a timing belt job on one of the V8 Quattro's. I did mine in the last two nights. It took about 6-7 hours total, and it was my first. However, I have had the fron of the car off before, so I was quite familliar with that procedure.

Anyhow, the job was actually quite easy. I'd say it is probably more difficult to take out the instrument cluster than the timing belt job is. I did build a crankshaft locking tool, and can't imagine doing the job without it. I didn't use the cam locking tools I built, though. One wasn't quite finished, and I decided to take a chance without them. Glad I did, as I can tell you they are quite unnecessary. In fact, only the passenger side distributor cap needs to come off. This is to verify the timing is on #1 TDC when you dissassemble it. 

Start by pulling the front bumper and radiator support off the car. There are six nuts with 13mm heads that hold the bumper on. Usually only the four easy ones remain. The radiator support removal starts with removing the clamp on the passenger side of the hood release cable. Slide the cable out. Then, pull the black caps off the four outermost screws on the top edge of the radiator support. Pull the four screws (#2 Phillips). Remove the two bolts that hold the fender to the support. They are on each side where they were hidden by the bumper. Then, there are phillips screws on each side holding the chrome trim on the fender. Take them out. Pull the lower temp sender plug off the passenger side of the radiator. Drain the radiator and pull the three hoses off it. Next, there are two bolts with 13mm heads on either side of the radiator. They go toward the radiator. The two lower ones also hold the oil cooler in place. Pull them and pull the front off the car and lay it under the front end. This whole process is also made much easier with the car on ramps. 

Now, take off the serpentine belt. I also removed the two idlers because I replaced them. Set the timing of the car to #1 TDC. Then, pull the drivers side timing cover. Next, loosen the center crankshaft bolt. Pull the passenger side cover. It has a 6mm allen plug, four 12mm head bolts(one of which is behind the tensioner), and a 13mm bolt on the bottom. I also pulled the lower radiator hose holder off it for easier access. You don't have to remove the fan from the cover. This is when you put the locking tools in place, if you are using them. Then, I marked the cam gears with a paint pen. I put a corresponding mark on the timing covers. Then pulled the idlers and tensioner off. Pulled the belt, then replaced the water pump and thermostat. Put it all back together, and it runs as good as ever. Also, the noise is gone. Hard to describe, but it sounded like a loose timing chain. The little delrin bushing was pretty worn, and it only had 52K on it. While you are in there, you also have the option of doing the front engine seals, the oil pump drive bearing, the TB idlers, and the tensioner. I only did the belts, Serpentine idlers, TB tensioner, delrin bushing, Water pump, and thermostat. I will be back in there about once a year (50k/year on the car), so this time it wasn't a "complete" job.

Email me with questions, and I also have photo's for reference.

Tony Hoffman
Too many Audi's to list ;-)

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