[V8] Regular Gas

dsaad@icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Fri Aug 12 17:16:50 EDT 2005

Do you really get 19.1MPG?

My trip computer says I get in the 17-19 MPG range but by doing the calculations
myself (I do it every tank), I actually get around 14-16 MPG. The latter figures
are what the EPA ratings were as I recall. This will add maybe $50 to your
calculations - and maybe not a big deal to you but I have been running the
mid-grade for quite a while with no big problems, and plan to drop to the
"cheap" stuff at around $2.50/gal. I can live without the extra performance most
of the time.

I believe the motronic software will save the motor from killing itself, but I
will also add that my car loves cold intake air no matter what gas I use. I have
noticably more power in the morning (low 60s) vs the drive home from work (upper
90s +).


Quoting rik alan <riktill at yahoo.com>:

> I just have to get my two cents worth.
> Premium is .10 more than middle grade and .20 more
> than regular.
> If you drive 20,000 miles a year (anyone doing that in
> their V8?) and average 19 mpg (my 4.2 gets 19.1 avg)
> then you will use 1050 gallons of gas.
> Your savings will be either $105 or $210.
> Not worth it to me. I'll skip a few pizzas.
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