[V8] V8 bits available

DieMarthaDie@aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Sun Aug 14 14:09:33 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,
I think I posted this before, but... I have several bits in the garage  that 
need to go to make room for more bits (it's a disease).  Let me know  if you 
can use them:
These are from a 91 V8 but should fit universally...
black fender - Pass Side - good
gray dashpad - good
4 gray interior door panels - decent to vgood - drivers speaker cover  cracked
rear bumper - no cover - with mounts
gray center console - ok, wood is a bit cracked
gray interior door handles
gray armrests
black exterior door handles - Pass side rear, driver side rear
gray steering wheel with bag intact - average - someone wanted this  and I 
lost the emails so, please let me know again...
And from the just arrived late 90 V8 to be stripped clean in the next  couple 
weeks so Alan can get a concrete truck into the yard on Sept 8 and I can  be 
there when our next baby is born on Sept 6... no time pressure on  this...
4 blue interior door panels - drivers speaker cover cracked  (always...)
blue dashpad, and any other blue bits you might want.
this car had the upgrade interior, but it is pretty beat, so unfortunately  
the seat covers are mostly shot.
silver exterior, but some panels are already claimed.
Most of the rest of the 90 is already spoken for by the three of us  
splitting it, but if you have specific needs, it can't hurt to ask - the car was  rear 
drivers corner hit.  hard.
PS - oh yeah, it's in Baltimore so consider whether you want to ship  long 
distances.  I'm more interested in the space than the money, so let's  talk :)

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