[V8] What is it about this car?

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Sun Aug 14 17:01:48 EDT 2005

Now that you mention the S6, I have had a totally irrational thought.

My wife's car is a '94 100CS Avant Quattro, and I have written before on
this list about how it is THE perfect car for her, and arguably the best car
ever invented for Maine's challenging rural environment.  The car was bought
with 39,000 original miles on it when it was seven years old.  It now has
100,000 miles on it, and runs perfectly, although the remains of the Bose
junk system (rear speakers) are dying...the fronts and the head unit already

Anyway.  The car is wonderful, with fuel mileage around 21 or so on medium
grade fuel. (The car does NOT run well on regular, and suffers multi running
problems, including so much spark retard that the car won't pull worth a
damn, and we also get the dreaded "check engine" light entirely too
often...so medium to premium ONLY, and normally it's premium).  The car is
otherwise smooth, quiet and extremely dependable and comfortable in all

The problem is that while it has enough get up and go for rural Maine, on
I-95 in South Florida, it is clearly overmatched.

But compared to the Type 44 Avant, like my 20-valve, it is a much more
refined interior and refined car in general.  But for the power....which has
made me wonder if the guys at Audi Connection have ever contemplated putting
a 3.6 litre V8 into a '94 Avant.  I asked, and they haven't but are
considering it.....

..now, here's a thought:  How about a '94 Avant (NOT my wife's.  You don't
even want to THINK about messing around with my wife's car....).  Say,
something with moderate miles, one owner with some service records to offer
up as a swap.  Plan on changing brakes and perhaps beefing up the suspension
to S-6 standards.  Euro lights are NO problem on these cars...my wife's car
has Euro's with H4 bulbs...

Eh!  Voila!  V8 Avant!  Come to think of it, I know where there is a
relatively high mile 100 Avant right now that is available for cheap
dollars...but it appears in good shape.  Now, a 3.6 litre V8 shoved into
that would be waaaaaaaaaaay cool, doncha think?


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Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
<Roger's wish list snipped>

 > ... rip out the lousy Bose junk and have some kind of better
 > cd player.

I'd opt for a unit with a front input for an iPod or MP3 player.
Then you can have *all* your tunes with you.

 > Still and all, I did see a '91 five speed advertised someplace that
 > seemed to be exceptional....and it was priced accordingly!

On Autotrader, a 1991 Audi V8 Quattro, black-on-black, $4,900,
outside Buffalo NY.  Not that I'm looking. :)  Besides, it was
gone the next day. :(

I'm with you all the way on this one, Roger.  My problem is that
I'm having trouble deciding (thinking about) between the V8 vs.
a 95.5 S Avant.  They are both unique in their own way, but also
very different.

Kent McLean
'94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

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