[V8] Cruise Control In-op: '90 V8

robert.a.dupree@jpmchase.com robert.a.dupree at jpmchase.com
Mon Aug 15 12:15:26 EDT 2005

Hey All,
        I've got my '90 V8 sold, and the deal ready to close with one 
notable caveat: the cruise control must be made to function.  First of all 
I don't know when/if it ever worked previous to my ownership....  I went 
to the first most likely cause and found indeed the vaccuum switch on the 
brake not holding.  Took it apart and cleaned everything and then 
re-assembled, now it holds vaccuum just fine when the brake pedal is at 
        I've printed the multi-page electrical diagnostic which I suspect 
I'll need to go through; but just checking to see if there's any other 
super-basic "go here first" items.  Reply to: rob at rallydogracing.com

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