[V8] What is it about this car?

Allen Swett allens at mitronics.com
Tue Aug 16 12:40:19 EDT 2005

Roger writes-

" Still and all, I did see a '91 five speed advertised
someplace that seemed to be exceptional...."

There were 2 Black/Black FS just recently.  One ended up in Baltimore, now
where did that other one go??
Oh, there's the title on my desk!.  Long time audifan, first time poster to
this list.You may recall the car from Georgia that I will attest is
exceptional...  I need to do a clutch and a rack, but hey, I've been
looking for this car for almost 7 years.....  Looking forward to many miles
behind the wheel of this sinister automobile!!

I'm with you Roger on the V8 wagon.  Having just bought a really nice low
mileage 97 A6q wagon for my wife.  I couldn't help but think how nice a
package the 4.2 would be in there.  That would be a really complete
automobile.  Looking forward to getting this thing up and running come
fall, I'm sure I'll be back with some questions!

91 20q20v 
91 200q20v Avants
90 100q
97 A6q Avant
91 V8q 5spd.   Yeah! 

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