[V8] G60 brake conversion

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Aug 18 09:17:23 EDT 2005

Hey, Roger, if you're hankering after a BMW for "touring" (somehow I can't
picture you riding in the rain with a bedroll and tent packed on the
luggage rack), you can get into a "real" BMW for the price of the brake
upgrade on your next V8.  There are lots of Slash-Five cycles from the
early 1970s around and BMW never made a better tourer.  

At 07:35 AM 8/18/2005 -0400, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
>I haven't followed this thread too closely, but since I have owned a '90 and
>a '93 V8, and lust for another; and now own a '91 20Valve Avant with UFO's,
>I have some comments to make.
>The G60's in the '93 V8 were a tad weak at best.  I would say that they were
>barely adequate for "normal" driving, and for here in rural Maine, they were
>sufficient to the point that I would not consider the expense of replacing
>them.  However, had I been driving in heavy traffic like so many listers, I
>think that the expense of big brakes would be well worth it, if keeping the
>car was the objective.  
>Now, with regard to UFO's, the 200 20Valve Avant, (now officially designated
>the "beater project"), has relatively new UFO's.  The stopping power of the
>car on dry pavement is prodigious at least, and in the wet, the only
>limitation is the tire contact patch and tire itself.  I doubt that I have
>ever driven a car with better "standard" brakes, and would say that the
>UFO's are as good as the brakes in my Porsche 928S4.  
>Yes, I get some pulsing, although I did the brake trueing procedure (two
>dramatic panic stops in from 80+ miles per hour), and most of the pulsing
>goes away.  I think it safe to say that the biggest difficulty with UFOs are
>high density traffic, where the brakes get used a lot without getting really
>hot.  I think brake material probably accumulates on the discs, which is
>what most of the pulsing is, and the high speed panic stop cures the
>problem...provided you can find a place to do the high speed stuff without
>getting arrested.
>I have been thinking about the "next" V8, more and more.  There are a couple
>of concerns that I have as the roads in this neighborhood...rural
>Maine...aren't smooth divided highway, but are rural, and rough.  Going to
>big wheels and thinner tires will complicate the ride characteristics of the
>car considerably, once beyond 16" wheels, I would think.  Fifty series tires
>on the V8 for me?  I don't think so.
>I am not sure what it would take, but when this car comes along, I might
>consider changing the existing brakes to UFO's, depending on how difficult
>and expensive it would be, vis a vis using something like a BIRA set up.
>P.S.  But then, I am also going through having another BMW motorcycle.  You
>see, this time of year, I see all these fine folks who are touring up the
>Maine coast to Acadia and beyond on their gizzie new BMW touring bikes.  I
>haven't owned a motorcycle since my '83 BMW was totaled in 1991, but the
>itch comes across me about the middle of July each year, when the tourers
>arrive.  The price of really nice looking 2000-2003 BMW touring bikes
>approsimates the price of the next V8....
>Maybe I'll just lie down for a while.  It is going to snow here before too
>long anyway....
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