[V8] How about a nice cup of 11S?

michael.a.flynn@us.army.mil michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil
Thu Aug 18 10:59:52 EDT 2005

Hello all, I have been back for a few months from over there and have been lurking here at the site and wanted to throw this one out there. Had a hydraulic pump leak so I took it off got the seal kit (ebay for about 16.00) and am good except that my local Audi dealer, God bless them, wants 30.00 per liter for 11S.  I have been out of the country for a while but this is wild! Thats about 120.00 per gallon? WOW!!! 
I have seen in different threads over the years
that some have found something that works, in a 5 gal pale. 
I plan on selling my loved V8 soon (sigh) and dont really want another pale sitting in my garage forever. Kind of why my V8 needs a new home, but if anyone has some they could part with I would be happy to take of you for your trouble.
I also left a notice on the "wanted" area in marketplace.

I'm happy to be back, hope not to have to go again, and am
glad to drive my V8 again. I missed it more then my
04 Acura TL. It runs STRONG!!!!!

I have a local offer on it from a kid in my neigborhood,
but I declined. I could not stand to see a car in such good shape
in the hands of a 20 year old be driven into the ground.
These cars deserve better. His offer has gone up but to me and 
most of you all it's not about the money. I just respect 
the car for what it is. Who said it this month "What is it about
these cars?"
SO if any listers can help with some gold juice let me know.

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