[V8] How about a nice cup of 11S?

dsaad@icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu Aug 18 15:06:31 EDT 2005

If you happen to pass through Boise, I would be happy to give you a fill up for
Short of that, you may as well just buy the 5 gallon pail of either MOBIL DTE13M
or Chevron RYKON 15. Either seems to work fine so use which ever is easier to
get. This will set you back about $35 and you can just send the remaining bucket
with the car when you sell it.


Quoting michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil:

> Hello all, I have been back for a few months from over there and have been
> lurking here at the site and wanted to throw this one out there. Had a
> hydraulic pump leak so I took it off got the seal kit (ebay for about 16.00)
> and am good except that my local Audi dealer, God bless them, wants 30.00 per
> liter for 11S.  I have been out of the country for a while but this is wild!
> Thats about 120.00 per gallon? WOW!!!
> I have seen in different threads over the years
> that some have found something that works, in a 5 gal pale.
> I plan on selling my loved V8 soon (sigh) and dont really want another pale
> sitting in my garage forever. Kind of why my V8 needs a new home, but if
> anyone has some they could part with I would be happy to take of you for your
> trouble.
> I also left a notice on the "wanted" area in marketplace.
> I'm happy to be back, hope not to have to go again, and am
> glad to drive my V8 again. I missed it more then my
> 04 Acura TL. It runs STRONG!!!!!
> I have a local offer on it from a kid in my neigborhood,
> but I declined. I could not stand to see a car in such good shape
> in the hands of a 20 year old be driven into the ground.
> These cars deserve better. His offer has gone up but to me and
> most of you all it's not about the money. I just respect
> the car for what it is. Who said it this month "What is it about
> these cars?"
> SO if any listers can help with some gold juice let me know.
> Mike
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