[V8] G60 brake swap

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 20:10:38 EDT 2005


  My 90 V8Q had G60's before I did the 993tt brake
 & from what I experienced they were fine! Yah the
UFO's are better but the G60's are fine as well.
 & doing a Big brake upgrade isn't expensive at all.
 The Rs2 caliper brackets are cheap, & you can still
get a brand new set of 993tt "BigRed" calipers from
Creasent Porsche in New Orleans for $800, But when I
got mine they were only $600 new. 
 or try LA Porsche dismantlers they can be had used
for like $400 or so. The S8 323X30 Zimmerman slotted &
cad coated rotors I got brand new at the Audiworld
marketplace for $200 shipped. I got the brake lines
from Richard Hoffman (Billzcat) sp? for around $80.
The brake lines are Earls with the correct fittings.
If anyones interested I can shoot out the part #'s of
the lines & fittings. The pads I got on E-bay Hawk, &
the mounting bolt for the calipers were cheap as well
from the dealer.
 & I used good racing brake fluid from ECS.
 I think all in all it cost me a tad over $1k.
 If you drive "normal" the G60's are fine but for me
it was the look. 
 I also had to use 17" rims which I also got on the
Audiworld market place for $600'ish. That was 5 "01"
S4 Avus rims. But I'm getting sick of the look of them
so I'm going to go with the OZ Supperlegs I love those
 But for anyone contemplating Big brakes DO IT! $ well
90 V8Q Pearl 94k 02 OEM S4 17's, Urs4 sport seats,
stebro exhaust, Porsche "BigReds", sport grill, euro
clear turn signals
93 V8Q 4.2 Pearl 138k, ATS type 10 17's  

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