[V8] More about cruise control

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 20 12:50:54 EDT 2005

 But, I can't find an 'In' hose to the control. Search all
> around and find no sign of any hose bringing vacuum from the engine to
> the control unit. Now c'mon, it worked before, right? Even if briefly, it
> DID work. And there SHOULD be an 'In' hose, right? I see what looks like
> a connection on the control where vacuum would go in, and drawing vacuum
> on that port pulls air back into the port where the line to the vacuum
> motor connects, which is what I think it should do.

The cruise control motor on the left side of the engine bay with the three 
prong plug. That's where all these lines come from that you have been 
tracing. That is the cruise control motor. It makes it's own vacuum, just 
like the power lock motor.

> Also, while looking around back there, I find a hose that looks like it
> went to a vent port on top of the transmission, up on the cowl, and then
> to---nowhere. I figure the tranny shop cut the hose to get the trans out,
> then didn't reconnect it, but the other end, at the cowl, is connected to
> nothing.

That is the vent line for the transmission. It is there to allow expansion 
and contraction of the fluid. It goes exactly where it should, from the 

Tony Hoffman

> So, I'm looking for help to get vacuum to the cruise control unit, and
> connect this trans line to something.
> Anyone offer me any assistance in this adventure?
> Thanx
> Ken 

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