[V8] 4.2 still running hot...

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
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I'm not aware of any fan-run on in the V8's.  Are you seeing normal flow
through the return line to the expansion tank?  Mom's overheating (as I've
now surmised) began with the plastic pieces from the heater core making it
all the way to the expansion tank and clogging the return line, encouraging
calcification in the radiator and leading to clogging of the radiator and
total failure of the heater core.  So far I've replaced the thermostat
(probably not necessary in retrospect), replaced the fan clutch (totally
unnecessary) and finally the radiator (real culprit) with the heater core
temporarily bypassed until I replace it.


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> Granted it was 94 degrees here yesterday with
> uber-hohe humidity, but even with the new fan (THANKS
> RON!!!!) working properly, it would seem, I was forced
> to turn on the heat in a prolonged traffic stop (5
> minutes) as the temperature crept up towards indicated
> 120 degrees.
> Ideas?  Could this be Ray's suggestion of a
> misreading?  The car had no cooling problems at all
> prior to about 1 month ago when the fan stopped
> working.  Even at redlights and such with the fan on,
> car instantly is up around 110 degrees.  This is all
> with no AC.
> I've noticed that the fan does not after-run, even
> when the car is very hot.  Also, is the fan supposed
> to run through different speeds?  Maybe I just don't
> hear it, but I only seem to have one - but remember
> reading something about three different speeds on the
> electric fan?
> Perplexed, and running very warm.
> Carter
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