[V8] V8 kickdown

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 21:29:58 EDT 2005

Sport mode has a hairline trigger for kickdown that is different from
the the kickdown switch located inside the throttle cable; the
kickdown switch is adjusted at or near wide open throttle.  Not sure
how it knows to kick down in sport mode (throttle position sensor
perhaps?).  The TPS also has an idle switch and a WOT switch, but this
has nothing to do with kick down, and is only used to go into open
loop, dumping as much fuel as possible.

This is how I understand it, anyhoo...  Corrections?

BTW, I asked the local dealer about the TCU firmware upgrade, and they
said they couldn't do it.  (Didn't want to is more like it). If you
put the SEM switch in M and put it in D, your tranny will do 3 quick
shifts if you have the newer firmware and will lug and chug in 4th if
you have the older firmware.  Not sure if the shift points are any


- Jeremy

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