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The 93  trans has different ratios. The 3.6 ECU and TCU might also not be  
compatible with the 93 trans.
 All V8 automatics have the same ratios in all gears and the final  drive. 
There is no difference electrically between the transmissions for any  year 
 1990 ATU code: "Type 44" style axle flanges, early fluid line  routing
 1991 AYU code: "Type C4/B4" style axle flanges, early fluid line  routing, 
 These transmissions are interchangable between 1990 and 1991 models  by 
simply swapping the axles flanges to match the axles.
 1992- 1994 AGZ code: "type C4/B4" style axle flanges, late style  fluid 
routing with direct lubrication of thrust bearing, second fluid cooler  added with 
its own thermostatically controlled fan. Several internal mechanical  
upgrades to increase durability. speedo trigger wheel matched to later style  powered 
 Installing an AGZ into a 3.6 car requires:
 Using 91-94 axles as the flanges are NOT interchangeable with the  early 
 Retrofitting the entire cooling line and cooler setup to the earlier  car or 
fabricating custom lines.
 Speedo sensor power wire connected (the wire is in the trans harness,  its 
just not connected to anything in the 3.6 cars)
 An electronics mismatch dictates using the trans harness and TCU for  
whichever engine is installed. ie: if installing an AGZ into a 90/91 you retain  the 
90/91's trans harness and TCU.
 I've done the swaps and each is fully functional and doing daily  driver 
duty with the respective owners.

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