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> Hi everyone,
> It's been a while since I've posted....about two months if I recall.
> The last couple of months found me incredibly busy with summer school, a
> new job, and remodeling an old home.....and now I'm recovering from
> nearly losing my finger in a home-improvement-related accident....so it
> makes typing a long and difficult proposition.
> I'm just about ready to get cracking on my V8, getting it back to where
> it needs to be.  Itching to get on it, in fact.
> - The first thing that I'd like to tackle is finding out why my car is
> squeaking so badly.  I had it valet-parked a couple of weeks ago and
> noticed that the squeaaaaaaak-squeak-creaking was just horrible as it
> pulled up.  Embarassing.  I can't hear it from inside the car.  Anyone
> have any ideas?
Guessing coming from the rear.  Test by bouncing back end of car.  If so,
it's the rear Tie Rods -- lost lubrication.  Replace with new ones.
See:   http://www.audiconnection.com/new_parts4sale.htm under Rear
Transverse link

> - I'd also like to get a hold of a set of pearl white center caps for
> the wheels, if anyone knows where I can source them.
Try Bruce at audiconnection.com or chris at Force5auto.com

> - Lastly, does anyone know if a CD player was an option on the V8?  I
> don't want to rewire the stereo system, don't want a CD changer, and
> haven't owned any cassette tapes since the 1980s.
Only the changer option to the Gamma? cassette head unit in 92 and later
cars, IIRC.

> It's good to be back!  I'll definitely be posting more as I regain the
> use of my left hand soon.
Good luck -- I know how a finger injury can mess up your typing...


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