[V8] turbo v8

spcole@mn.rr.com spcole at mn.rr.com
Mon Aug 29 16:50:25 EDT 2005

I know this might have already been discussed in the list but i have
been out of town for several weeks and heard that there was an on goin
discussion and had a proposal for debate. I am the owner of a 3.6L v8
out of a 90 V8 this is to be the new power plant for my 91 CQ i have
been looking and parts for this motor and it dawned on me that if the
4.2 is the same casting only bored and stroked you could make a far
supior 4L that would be ideal for a twin turbo application.  does anyone
know if my crazy idea would work with a 3.6L with the 93mm crank and
82.5mm pistons. this i belevie would be a far more durable motor then
the 4.2 and would be able to go to higher rpms.  if anyone knows if this
would work please let me know because i am seriosly lookin at buildin
this motor and runnin it normally aspirated for now but it would only
need a piston swap for the tt conversion and would most likly be running
a coil per cylinder igintion system from electromotive. 

thanks sean

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