[V8] FW: Driving with Air Filter Cover Off?

Klein, Nathan P nathan.p.klein at lmco.com
Tue Aug 30 12:15:52 EDT 2005

The only thing is -- 

It gets so hot here this time of year.  THI can vary from 105 to 115
degrees or more.  Every day.

Would this be a better fall/winter option?

Or - is there some kind of way to keep the ram air flowing from the
front of the car?

My V8 needs all the cooling it can get.
Water temp rarely gets below 100 degrees (C) on the interstate, and can
get up to 115+ in a long drive-thru window.

What do y'all think?


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I haven't seen any detrimental effects on any V8's (yet).  Remember, the
filter is still in place, so the only "problem" would be that you
wouldn't get the benefit of cooler ram air from the front of the car.
Most aren't to enamoured with K&N -- aside from letting more air flow
through the element, larger and potentially more damaging particles can
also get through...  A clean OEM filter element is still best IMO.


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