[V8] brake pad ware

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 14:38:58 EDT 2005

Hey Simon, good to hear from you.

No wonder you don't have any mates, if this is how you blokes treat the V8s!
http://www.acidtrax.net/events/adi/adi2003.html - more

Just kidding :-)

Here's how the wire sensor works.  There is a wire loop that is
embedded in the brake pad.  Once the pad wears down enough, the wire
gets "warn" and breaks connection.  Sooooo, yours may have warn down
due to a frozen caliper traveler, or the wire broke / connector came
unattached.  Also, could be a short or break in the wire somewhere. 
To rule this out, take a paper clip and plug it into the car side of
the brake pad wire connector, thus shorting it out.  If your warning
light goes out, you know the problem is with the pad / wire.  If it
stays on, you know the pad is fine and the problem is in the car-side
of the wiring.


- Jeremy

On 8/30/05, Sscothorne at aol.com <Sscothorne at aol.com> wrote:
> hi all
> just a a quick one from what seems like the only v8 driver in the uk  !!!!!
> i went down to my none franchised audi garage the other day to book in for  a
> front wheel bearing doing and when the guy asked wot model it was i told him
> a  v8 i then got the reply what sort A4 A6 or A8?.
> NO just a v8 i said
> oh ive never seen one of those he said
> oh i said
> the fact is the last v8 i saw for sale in the uk was over two years ago and
> the uk owners club only know of one other so you could say i'm billy no mates
> over her but thanks to you guys i keep the beast running ok.
> anyway i put a new set of ufo's on last year  with new red pads  and the
> brake ware light's just come on after 4600 mile's is this right or am i  missing
> something
> your help plzz
> simon
> 90 v8 65000 miles
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