[V8] POP..Hiss..Smoke..Antifreeze Smell..SOS!!!

Klein, Nathan P nathan.p.klein at lmco.com
Tue Aug 30 16:37:20 EDT 2005


Now, how the &*%@# do I get down in there?  Looks like a long weekend
job.  If anyone has some "lessons learned", I'd sure appreciate them.
Does the dash have to come off?  If so, this may be a chance for me to
replace the dash lights.

Hopefully I'll get the green light to work on it this weekend or
next...I paritally severed my ring finger and am waiting for it to heal
up.  I will probably go ahead and I/R/R everything cooling-related while
I'm at it.  I've checked some old posts, and apparently 98-105 degrees C
on the highway is considered "running hot"......

Thanks again.  All advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hmm.  Sounds like the nightmare I recently went through.  In my case it
was the heater core (as pointed out by Mr. Head) began to disintegrate,
lodging plastic pieces into the return hose nipple of the expansion tank
it) and leading to calcification of the radiator internals, reducing
radiator efficiency to nil and causing failure first of the heater valve
and finally the heater core.  If you're lucky, maybe it's just the
heater valve (but your passenger side smoke description makes that

Good luck and let us know what you find.


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> Okay, so I'm sitting in the bank drive-through for about 10 min and
> notice a ton of smoke
> coming of the passenger side of the car all of a sudden.
> "Oh, crap," I thought.  This has happened before and it wasn't pretty.
> So I get back out on the road to look for a shady spot to pull over
> (it's mighty hot here today).
> Pull into traffic, and I hear a POP! come from under the hood, toward
> the passenger compartment,
> followed by hissing and SMOKE BELCHING out of the defrost duct, smoke
> blowing on to the
> windshield from under the hood, and smoke coming from what seemed like
> everywhere.
> The unmistakable smell of hot antifreeze was coming out of the A/C and
> heater ducts.
> Short trip.  Pull over across the street under a kind-of shaded area.
> Get out of the car, and there is
> antifreeze dripping out of the car just in front of the driver's side
> door, getting on to the door.
> My hand got wet pulling the hood lift.
> I pull back the cowling in front of the windshield, and it was like
> opening a bag of microwave popcorn
> too soon.
> I walked the six miles back to work rather than put in coolant and
> chance it.
> The car is still there, and I smell like a hobo.
> What in the world could this be?!
> HELP!!!
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