[V8] Driving with Air Filter Cover Off?-now K&N, etc

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 30 19:13:34 EDT 2005

Well, with 308k and counting fast, I'll say the K&N can't be that bad. My 
car came with it, and I probably wouldn't buy one myself. But, no sense in 
throwing it out. It's been on mine at least the last 100k. Plenty of redline 
runs, and still strong as ever!

I've seen plenty of the flow and particle tests, BTW. That's why I wouldn't 
buy it myself, don't think it's worth the money fo rwhat you get. Then 
again, I'm fabricating my own "Tornado" for the same reason. Held one 
finally - $70 for this!

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> The guys I run with that are fanatics about clean oil, call these gauze 
> filters - Knock & Noise (K&N).  The line is that you will be hearing these 
> sounds after running a K&N filter.
> Scott.
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> I agree with Ingo on this one.  My car came with a K&N and it cause so
> much filth to enter the intake, that the butterfly valves on the TB
> wouldn't close all the way.  This caused the throttle switch to not
> work and threw the tranny in to limp-home-mode.  Not worth it in my
> opinion for the 5(?)hp gain.  Some swear by the K&N so if you do use
> it, make sure you follow the cleaning / oiling instructions to a T.
> Side note - the air intake horns are double walled from the factory to
> reduce intake noise (remember this car was marketed as a luxury
> performance car with the emphasis on the luxury).  Not sure if anyone
> has replaced the factory setup to eliminate the double wall, but
> remember this car LOVES cold air, as you will notice performance is in
> the toilet on a hot day...  If you do go the cold air intake route,
> make sure it's not a hot air intake instead ;-)
> Cheers,
> - Jeremy
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