[V8] Gas hog V8s

Klein, Nathan P nathan.p.klein at lmco.com
Wed Aug 31 17:56:34 EDT 2005

Really?  Is that US MPG or Imperial MPG?  

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m.p.g. 36.5
This is not a dream but my argument for taking the v8 on a 4000 mile
round trip down to the villa in spain.
The wife wanted to take the A4 tdi
so i took her on a 200 mile round trip to york with cruse set at 60 and
virtually all motorway The overall average showed 36.5.
This was enough to win her over "but heres the catch she sleeps when we
drive so once i get on the open toll roads in france and spain cruise
will be  set at 120 and i know the sub 20 is more realistic but until i
get the car on the ferry can we stop talking sub 20 figures its scaring
her (95 ron octane nearly $1.30 per litre her in the uk) ps my v8's only
got 65000 on the clock this my explain the good mpg
90 v8
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