[V8] V8 Valve Job

Stafford, Kenneth A. stafford at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 31 18:41:46 EDT 2005

Reading Dave's post below, made me wonder, is this a common problem for these
engines?  My '91 has 215K on it (the last 100K by me), AFFAIR has never had
any top end work, and never reaches the "fill mark" prior to its routine 5000
mi dingo fluid change. I have never had a car that didn't use more oil at
100K than this car does at 215. Should I be knocking on the burled walnut?

'91 V8Q
> My big dilemma is weather or not to do a valve job. My car 
> runs pretty good, but
> it sucks oil like we could just blow it out of the ground in 
> Iraq and have it
> land in out tanks. (really about 700mi/qt) The payback for a 
> $3000 (guessing)
> valve job is about 840K miles (with oil at $2.50/qt). I am 
> pretty sure I will
> move on by then :-)

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