[V8] Driving with Air Filter Cover Off?-now K&N, etc

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I only understand concrete numbers. I'm not much on the theory of why this 
or that works. Why does a 350hp corvette engine get 29MPG highway, and my 
115 hp Audi only get 27-28. I don't know all the answers. However, seen 
before and after #'s from two friends cars, and both improved. The honda 
accord 4-cyl went up 2.5 mpg, and the Grand prix went up almost 3mpg. They 
were both installed significantly upstream of the engine. I'm thinking maybe 
the swirling continues downstream.

Really, I'm perplexed, I just know it worked in those cars.

Oh, and my honeycomb screen is gone, bye-bye. No idea where it went!

Tony Hoffman
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> Why would you want a tornado?
> There is a honeycomb screen at the intake. Its express purpose is to
> "straighten" the air flow. "Laminar air flow" is what it is called. I am 
> sure I
> spelled that wrong, but anyway, the MAF relies on a small sample of air to
> accurately guage the total flow through the much larger chamber. Swiriling 
> the
> air hurts - not helps this.
> Perhaps the tornado would have some effect on a carburetted(sp?) motor, 
> but I
> would think the swirling there would throw the fuel against the intake 
> runners
> and slow down the air velocity - the very thing that helps charge the 
> cylinder.
> As I understand motors, a swirl in the combustion chamber could be good, 
> but
> anywhere upstream from that is bad.
> Dave 

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