[V8] Gas hog V8's

michael.a.flynn@us.army.mil michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil
Wed Aug 31 20:53:28 EDT 2005

One things is for sure, my MPG goes up in the winter. 
Is true with cars, the hotter it gets(and humid)the 
less it pulls. The best tank I got was from Columbia
SC to Tampa, 25.0 mpg doing 75 mph on most of the trip.
Uses no oil that I have ever noticed in 4 years, but
I do frequent oil changes, my neighbors cant understand
how when I pull the dipstick the oil is clear :-)

Also lets not forget the people who are suffering from
Katrina, I have been to many countries and seen much suffering
it hurts to see my own people like this (death, violence, looting, people with no homes). Do what you can to 
help, pray for those in need.

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