[V8] Got to visit with Zay and Tony in Vegas

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Sun Dec 4 20:35:11 EST 2005

Sounds good to me.


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Zay and his wife Vilma were nice enough to pick me up from the Airport on
Thursday evening after he had just had his oxygen sensor on the V8 replaced
-- but we were both too tired (him from all his OT hours and me from the
very LONG day), so when we all had some free time on Saturday afternoon,
Tony drove into town and we met up with Zay for lunch at what looked to be a
real dive Chinese joint that had some great food.  Talked Audis, of course,
and the apt skills (sorry, Skillz to the younger crowd) of Tony to figure
out solutions to Audi problems as they arise -- ask him about his beater
5ktq tow car boat experience sometime :-)  

Then Zay had to get back to work and Tony and I went to his favorite Vegas
hangout: The Auto Collection / sale at the Imperial Palace.  Now that was
fun, including the 2.1 sec 0-60 700hp Cosworth RS200 Evolution, 200 Trans Am
Quattro and S1 Quattro Rally cars.  Sorry, I'd have to sell the house, thank
you :-)  More info:  http://www.autocollections.com/

Anyhow, it was nice putting faces to the names and we were thinking about a
get together sometime.  I know it's tough, but I think this coming summer
would be ideal.  Watcha think?

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