[V8] VAG-COM question

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Dec 12 15:19:10 EST 2005

... no BTDT on the Snap On stuff, but the 1990 V8 had the same
functionality as the 1991 ... 

Here again I have no clue on the Snap On interface, but I suspect that
it may provide all the functionality you need.  At one point you could
download the basic VAG-COM stuff for free ... if that is still true you
may be able to download the software just to see if it works with your

If you don't have the manual for the car you can get an idea of how the
VAG 1551/52 hooks up on the V8 from Scott Mockry's site

As to available products, in addition to the VAG-COM product you can
read codes out of a V8 using ProDiag for the Palm Pilot.  

If you want to save the cost of the adapter, I posted the procedure for
integrating the OBD-II connector in the Audifans KB.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> As long as we are on the subject...  (and please excuse me if this has
> asked and answered a thousand times) but what's the best way to get
data out
> of
> the ECM on a '90?  I've read conflicting information and I've seen
> where the specifications indicate '91 and up only. The Ross-Tech stuff
> pretty intriguing but I'm puzzed on just what to order from their
> Here's what I already have:  Snap-on MT2500 with Audi-VW Cartridge to
> 1991-2001 and an old Toshiba laptop that might also be a candidate for
> conversion.  I've never tried to connect the MT2500 (no need, car runs
> Is
> there any hope that it would work on a '90?  Was there a major change
in the
> or programming for '91?   Or, should I just skip the Snap-on scan tool
and go
> for a product from Ross tech?  Does anyone have experience with the
> gear?

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